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Low Anxiety and Depression - Assessment Results Page

Low Anxiety and Depression                                               


You have scored fairly low on this self evaluation which suggests that you manage the stressors of your day-to-day life pretty well really.  You understand that life is not simply black or white; that bad things can (and do) happen to good people and that some wrongs that are committed in life will go unpunished, at least on the surface.  At your core you are a realist, accepting that sometimes you will have to make lemonade from the lemons that fall from the tree of life.

It’s likely that you recognize that mistakes are a necessary component for personal growth and you are quick to forgive yourself.  You don’t ‘sweat the small stuff’ and are generally happy, good natured and not prone to low moods or irritability. You are a good planner and set realistic goals for yourself that you typically succeed in reaching – at your own pace.  You don’t typically worry about things that are out of your immediate control; you are generally patient, agreeable and understanding.

When you are overly tired or your coping defenses are otherwise compromised, you may find that you are occasionally prone to environmental stress including excessive noise, traffic, pressure at work, difficult or rude people, waiting in lines, etc.  This is normal for most people when our stress defenses are down. However, if you notice this external pressure is affecting your sleep, ability to concentrate, personal relationships or you feel irritable or short tempered more than a few times a week, it may be time to boost your emotional reserves.

Attacking Anxiety and Depression will give you life management techniques to be less affected and more effective in managing day-to-day stress.  This program is not just for sufferers of anxiety and depression. Anyone who wants to get a better handle on stress, anger, worry, moodiness, guilt, have better communication and time management skills can be helped by Attacking Anxiety and  Depression Program.

If you recognize that stress is a negative factor in your life, now is the time to build healthy new habits and behaviors, before stress becomes a significant problem in your life.