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Depression Assessment - Physical or Psychological Symptoms

 It is important that we be able to evaluate our level of depression and implement the appropriate behavior and coping skills that are helpful. At this time fill out the depression evaluation.

This assessment tool has groups of statements. In each group you are to choose the statement that most accurately describes your present way of thinking or feeling. Read ALL of the statements in each group before making your choice.

Start Depression Assessment

DO NOT let your score frighten you. If you feel you scored rather high and this concerns you, please talk with your physician about depression. It is common for people suffering with acute anxiety to be depressed. However, if your score is high, you might feel better talking with your physician.

In each of the Lessons in the Attacking Anxiety & Depression Program, you will be given more and more information about stress, anxiety and depression.

Recovery is a gradual process and our goal is to help you week-by-week to build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, there is no magic switch that turns all the negative feelings off, but there is freedom in awareness.

Commit yourself to learning and improving daily, weekly, step-by-step.