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  • The program is based on cognitive-behavioral modification
  • Attacking Anxiety & Depression is a 15-week self-help program that includes 16 audio lessons, workbook, flash cards and more.
  • Multi-media methodology is the key – allows repetition and reinforcement of the coping skills
  • Repetition and reinforcement is missing in traditional treatment and therapy.



More than 1.4 million people have benefitted from the
‘Attacking Anxiety and Depression Program’


It is based on and uses the science of cognitive-behavioral modification. Several studies have found the program to be as effective and in some cases more effective than 6+ therapy sessions. Here is a chart showing that the program is at least if not more effective.




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The challenge

You’re a smart, creative, talented person. An analytical thinker with a keen ability to stay focused on the task at hand. You’re a perfectionist with a fine eye toward detail. You’re very sensitive to the needs of others; that shoulder other people lean on when they are injured or in trouble. You’re a good person with a kind heart. But you’re hurting inside and don’t know why.

Ever since you can remember, you’ve always felt you were somehow different from other people.

  • Inner nervousness is a constant companion.
  • You worry constantly – about your health, sanity, the future, about what other people think of you.

To manage these frightening symptoms you avoid normal, everyday activities that seem to trigger these feelings. Activities such as driving, flying. Socializing amongst a crowd of people, taking on responsibility and in some cases even leaving your home.

No one understands what you are going through – not your doctor, not your family or friends. You’re unhappy, with yourself and your life.

We can help. Our program is designed to allow you to free yourself of worry, end fear, and take your life back.

The Attacking and Anxiety and Depression Program

Attacking Anxiety and Depression is a 15 week multi-media self-help, home study program.

Stresscenter.com’s Attacking Anxiety & Depression program was developed by Lucinda Bassett, and Dr. Philip Fisher, MD, who leveraged the skills, methods and techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Modification as the core of the self-treatment process. Since 1983, the program has helped over 1,4 million people to recover from acute stress, anxiety, panic disorder, obsessive worry, and depression.

This is the most effective self-paced therapy available for anxiety and depression. Simplified, cognitive behavioral modification refers to thinking and learning and is the part of the therapy that is taught to the person. The person then needs to take what has been taught – practice it, and through repetition, get this new ‘learning’ down into the brain so that it becomes automatic or habitual. That’s where the behavioral comes in – modifying the behavior that’s not working.

You are introduced to new information or skills and they are reinforced. When you have practiced the skills through repetition, this affects your memory processes (and physiologically your brain’s neural pathways) and allows you to begin thinking, acting and feeling differently. Of course, this takes persistence and patience, but when a person sticks with this therapy, and does not give up, noticeable progress begins to occur.

That’s why the methodology of using audio lessons has made Attacking Anxiety & Depression such an international success. This format is ideal for overcoming anxiety and depression; it allows you to listen to the material time and time again, at your own pace, until it sinks in. That’s the way we break habits.

Obviously, it would be wonderful to have a therapist who would sit with you every day on your journey to recovery, teaching you these skills, practicing with you. But that is a costly commitment of time and money.

If you were seeing a cognitive-behavioral therapist, it would normally be one hour a week. That leaves you over 160 hours each week where you are totally on your own. And like learning a foreign language or learning to play a musical instrument, all it takes to develop the necessary skills is a good teacher and practice, practice. Let me ask you something, would it be realistic to expect to be a good at anything while practicing just one hour each week? Hardly, and that’s exactly the problem with traditional treatment for anxiety and depression today. You can’t erase a LIFETIME of self-destructive thoughts and behavioral habits working in this manner. Restructuring our thoughts and behaviors takes practice, repetition and reinforcement. It’s only when these skills are practiced and repeated that they are fully accepted and understood. Only through reinforcement do we begin to alter our behavior and make these recovery skills our own. And that’s the magic of the Attacking Anxiety & Depression program!

What you get

Your program includes the following items.


The Science

How the StressCenter.com’s Attacking Stress and Depression Program changes lives

The most fundamental principle of CBT is that changes in thought patterns lead to changes in behavior and mood. The methods of CBT help individuals challenge established thought patterns and replace negative patterns such as chronic worry or irrational fear with more realistic and positive ones. By challenging existing thought patterns,individuals can systematically replace poor habits with good ones, thereby significantly decreasing self-defeating behavior and emotional distress.

Independent scientific research shows that Stresscenter.com’s Attacking Anxiety & Depression program, designed specifically to treat stress, anxiety, and depression, is equally or more effective than traditional, more costly methods of treating these issues.

Six independent clinical studies have found that the Stresscenter.com's self-care and coaching programs are more effective than outpatient therapy. Some studies suggest that Stresscenter.com’s Attacking Anxiety & Depression program, when paired with personal Coaching, is 2 times more effective than traditional therapy.

One study by Human Affairs International and a separate study by Group Health Cooperative both show that, at many levels of severity of anxiety or depression, patients who followed the StressCenter.com’s Attacking Anxiety and Depression Program do significantly better than those who had completed multiple sessions of outpatient therapy.

Studies evaluating the Stresscenter.com's premium Personal Coaching services found that the average patient's OQ-45 distress score improves by a full standard deviation after just four weeks of treatment, and that the patient's condition can improve by up to two standard deviations after completion of the program.

The StressCenter.com’s Attacking Anxiety and Depression Program was developed by Lucinda Bassett, and her therapist Dr. Philip Fisher, MD, who leveraged the skills, methods and techniques of CBT as the core of the self-treatment process. Since 1983, the program has helped over 1 million people to recover from acute stress, anxiety, panic disorder, obsessive worry, and depression.



 Test Yourself

Find Out How the Program Can Benefit You Today


1. There are no right or wrong answers – just answer honestly to get the best results.
2. Complete the test by answering all 25 questions. When you are done, click on “Get My Evaluation” to see your full evaluation.
3. Once you’ve read through your evaluation, click on the “Buy Now″ button to purchase your program.

Read the following statements and score them from 1-5 with 1 being Never and 5 being Always.

I expect others to treat me with respect.





I get anxious in shopping malls or stores.





I get anxious eating or writing in front of others.





I worry about losing control of myself or my life.





I am not excited about things the way I used to be.





I worry that I will embarrass myself or lose control in front of others.





I don't have any energy.





If I want something done right, I feel I have to do it myself.





I feel angry for no apparent reason.





I anticipate the worst-case scenario.





I worry about doing certain things days before I actually do them.





Things seem like just too much effort.





I take my anger out on others.





I feel lonely.





I feel better if I drink alcohol in a social situation.





I have a hard time confronting others.





I take things very personally.





I worry about what others think of me.





I can be cynical or critical of others and myself.





I feel like I want to sleep all the time.





I worry about irrational things happening to others or myself.





I worry about getting sick or having stomach and bowel problems in public.





I react intensely in emotional situations.





I don't feel comfortable in high places or places where I can't come and go as I please.





I worry about my health (disease, heart problems, cancer).