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Severe Anxiety and Depression - Assessment Results Page

Severe Anxiety and Depression                                           


Your score suggests that your level of affectedness by anxiety and depression is significant; strong enough to affect your life and the lives of your loved one’s on a regular basis.

You probably spend a large portion of your day between your ears, thinking and worrying, much of the time about things in which you have no control over.  You are someone who tends to let things get to you.

You anticipate bad things happening in certain situations.  You might worry about being trapped or losing control and overreacting in situations that make you uncomfortable or anxious.  You don’t like to be in situations where you can’t come and go as you please and you might even avoid these types of situations.  At times you may experience feelings of fear and dread when outside of your comfort zone. You may feel like you can’t breathe or that you’re going to pass out, be sick, or loss control.  Your heart races, your mind races, and you feel that something bad is going to happen if you don’t get away. “What-if” thinking is a big problem for you. What if you do something to embarrass yourself?  What if you go crazy? What if you have to run out of the store and leave everything?

You are an over reactor and you are probably very emotional, feeling melancholy or sad often.  You are sensitive and tend to take things personally. You probably don’t manage stress well; the slightest nuisance could be that final straw that puts you over the edge.  You may find that you wear yourself out with your thoughts. You beat yourself up and talk negatively about yourself, about your personal abilities. No one, including you, can quite live up to your expectations.  You have a busy, but tired mind.

You probably find you have less energy and sometimes it takes all your effort to get excited about anything.  You carry and feel the pain of the world.

Maybe you’ve tried medications, been to doctors or therapists, and your still struggling with anxiety and depression.  That’s because the answers you are searching for aren’t “out there” somewhere, the answers you are searching for are within you.  You need to understand that your thinking creates anxiety and feelings of depression. Negative thinking is another type of addictive bad habit you’ve developed over the years that needs to be acknowledged and then, like any other bad habit, needs to be broken and replaced with something healthy and positive.

Attacking Anxiety and Depression will teach you teach to recognize the thoughts, behaviors and reactions driving your pain.  It will provide real insights, coping skills, and behavioral techniques to dramatically improve your ability to control your emotions and physical symptoms.  You don’t need to continue to suffer from obsessive fear, fear of death, losing control and embarrassing yourself, or even going ‘insane.’ It’s time to stop all of the analyzing and start living again.