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Coaching DVDs - Attacking Anxiety & Depression®
Coaching DVDs - Attacking Anxiety & Depression®
Coaching DVDs - Attacking Anxiety & Depression®

Coaching DVDs - Attacking Anxiety & Depression®

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Fun. Entertaining. Powerfully motivating. You'll find your spirits lifted during this "one-on-one time" with Lucinda in the coaching videos that come with the program. You'll discover unique insights and inspiration to help you find success throughout the best 15-week program for anxiety out there today.

4 DVDs Included:

1. Coaching DVD: Volume One: 

Session 1- Anxiety & Depression: Symptoms, Causes, and Common Fears 
Session 2- Six Steps Designed to Put an End to Panic Attacks 
Session 3- Self-Talk: The Key to Healthy Self Esteem 
Session 4- Expectations: How to Expect Less and Get More 
Session 5- Eat and Exercise to Minimize Anxiety and Depression 

2. Coaching DVD: Volume Two: 
Session 6- Stop Being Angry and Control Your Mood Swings 
Session 7- Assertive Behavior: Speak Confidently, Gain Respect 
Session 8- Put an End to "What-If" Thinking 
Session 9- Get Off the Guilt and Worry Treadmill 
Session 10- How to Address Obsessive, Scary Thoughts 

3. Coaching DVD: Volume Three: 
Session 11- A Candid Dialogue About Medication and Alcohol 
Session 12- The Courage to Change 
Session 13- Time Management: 12 Steps Toward a Balanced Life 
Session 14- How to Keep Stress from Becoming Anxiety 
Session 15- Getting Beyond a Growth Spurt

4.  Jump Start DVD: Recognize and Believe / Stopping Panic Attacks / A Healthy Body, A Healthier Mind / Coping with Guilt and Negative Self-Talk / The Power of Relaxation