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Self Managed Anxiety and Depression - Assessment Results Page

Self Managed Anxiety and Depression                              

Congratulations!  Your score suggests that you have an incredibly healthy outlook on life and manage stress well.  With a level, realistic worldview it is very likely that you are intelligent, creative, and compassionate and possess a healthy self esteem.  You are an expert communicator; being able to wholeheartedly express your feelings and personal views while also listening attentively, patiently and tolerably to the views of others – whether you agree with them or not.  You an excellent judge of character with an almost sixth sense like ability to read the motives and agendas of people you come into contact with on a daily basis. You are probably very trusting of those that have earned your trust (through their actions or ‘vibe’) and alert to those who may have the potential to exploit you or have the tendency to put their own self-interests before anything else.

Whether you realize it or not, you are popular; possessing an inner strength, calm, charm and gravitational pull which make you very admirable.  But you likely tend to focus on quality over quantity so your circle of family and friends could be large or moderate right now depending on the demands for your time at this period in your life.  You are rarely affected by the natural ‘ups and downs’ of life, you go with the flow trusting that in the end, your faith and values will see you through any periodic challenge.

Whatever you do, don’t change!  May you always be the cheerful, curious, blue-star student in this school we call life.