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Extreme Anxiety and Depression - Assessment Results Page

Extremely Severe Anxiety and Depression                        


You scored very high on this self evaluation suggesting that you are probably very anxious and dissatisfied with yourself and others much of the time.  For your emotional health, for your long-term physical health, for your family and those that love and care about you… for all of these reasons you need to take action.  You can learn how to see life experiences in a different way.

You are an intense person who constantly feels on edge.  You worry, anticipate and ruminate about things on a daily basis.  You are often in a hyper-sensitized state; meaning you are extremely sensitive to lights, sounds, and your surroundings.

You probably have problems with anger and may even struggle with explosive outbursts.  Your mind races with a thousand reasons why you should worry. Physically you may experience intense inner nervousness, shallow breathing, upset stomach, headache, muscle tension, and even rapid heartbeat.  It is likely that you often worry about your health. “Do I have a disease; could this be a brain tumor; am I going to have a heart attack?”  You have an extremely difficult time relaxing and might sometimes use alcohol or medications to help you calm down.  You secretly envy people who seem relaxed and happy because these comforts are forever eluding you.

You feel like there is a dark cloud hanging over your life.  Nothing is working but you’re not sure why. You may cry often or easily. Possibly you find it hard to eat, or, you are over-eating.  You may have a difficult time sleeping or you want to sleep all the time for the temporary escape from the way you feel. You feel that no one understands you.  You may feel that life is very difficult – more of a painful effort than a wonderful journey. You aren’t excited about things and nothing seems like fun anymore.

The truth is you are feeling the symptoms of severe anxiety and depression.  It’s pure emotional pain and can be just as devastating as physical pain. But, you can turn your life around, beginning today.

You scored high on this inventory, you really need to change the way you think in order to minimize and eliminate your distress and anxiety.  Attacking Anxiety and Depression will teach you how to think and behave in a realistic, calm and healthy way. We are not born with coping skills and life management techniques - we must learn them.

And you can start by asking yourself: how badly do I want to end the cycle of worry, despair and feelings of hopelessness?   How badly do I want to feel energetic, confident and happy again? How badly do I want my life back? The Attacking Anxiety and Depression Program will provide you with a complete understanding of anxiety and depression, its background traits, personality traits and physical symptoms.  It is a comprehensive roadmap filled with proven strategies, techniques and positive reinforcement to carry you through on an incredible journey of self-discovery and freedom.