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Moderate Anxiety and Depression - Assessment Results Page

Moderate Anxiety and Depression                                     


Your score suggests that your attitude is responsible for a moderate amount of anxiety and/or depression in your life.  You don’t often avoid doing things because of anxiety or stress but you may think about the activity way ahead of time and anticipate whether or not it will make you anxious or nervous.  You sometimes worry that your anxiety may get worse. You possibly find that you have occasional mood swings and irritability. You may have a difficult time falling to sleep or staying asleep.  You sometimes have hard time relaxing.

The good news is, with some fairly minor changes in your thinking you can dramatically improve you’re the quality of your life and enjoy your journey on a whole new level.

You might be uncomfortable in enclosed spaces or when you feel like you can’t come and go as you please.  You feel a strong need to be in control. In this mild form, you probably continue to function fairly normally and do your usual activities without avoidance.  However, certain activities or situations that you don’t find yourself doing very often may be uncomfortable for you; such as certain types of travel, confining rides, places with excessive noise, etc.  You probably manage conflict fairly well, are a decent communicator, and have no problem being assertive when necessary. However, you clearly have things to work on, and could benefit from learning some life management skills that you’ve probably never had the opportunity to learn before.

You can be slightly uncomfortable in any situation that can make you look insecure, unattractive, and foolish, etc.  You take care not to put yourself in situations where this can happen. You are overly critical of yourself and think others will be critical of you as well. You might be a person who avoids performing in front of others.  You might be someone who needs a bit of alcohol to loosen up and relax enough to enjoy a social event.

Do you sometimes wish you felt more comfortable and in control of your life?  Your scoring suggests that you could benefit greatly by learning the life-management skills in the Attacking Anxiety and Depression.  You can’t control what’s happening in the world, but you can control how you’re affected by it. You can put an end to exhaustive worry and fear and feel comfortable, calm and in control no matter what’s going on around you.