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5-Minute Stresscenter Self-Evaluation Result Page

Okay, you’ve finished your test. Take a look at how you scored yourself.
We all feel or think these things at one time or another.
It’s when these feelings and thoughts take over our lives that they become a problem.


SCORE 1–20

Self-Managed Anxiety and Depression

Congratulations! Your score suggests you have an incredibly healthy outlook on life & manage stress well. You're affected by life's natural ups & downs, but you go with the flow trusting—in the end—your strong personality & core values will see you through any periodic challenge.

SCORE 21–40

Low Anxiety and Depression

You scored fairly low on this Self-Test, which suggests you manage the stressors of your day-to-day life well. At your core, you're a realist, accepting sometimes you will have to make lemonade from the lemons you are dealt.

The Solution 5-Day Emotional Makeover will show you how to transform the negative, non-productive energy of stress & worry into empowering, proactive energy gives you control, confidence, & a plan of action in only 5 days.

SCORE 41–60

Moderate Anxiety and Depression

Your score suggests your attitude is responsible for a moderate amount of anxiety or depression in your life. You're uncomfortable in any situation could potentially make you look insecure, unattractive, or foolish, even if there is almost no chance it will happen. You're likely someone who avoids performing in front of others or you might be someone who needs a bit of alcohol to enjoy a social event. The good news is, with some fairly minor changes in your thinking, you can dramatically improve the quality of your life. However, you have things to work on & could benefit from learning some life-management skills you've never been taught.

The Solution 5-Day Emotional Makeover will show you how to transform the negative, non-productive energy of stress & worry into empowering, proactive energy gives you control, confidence, & a plan of action in only 5 days.

SCORE 61–80

Severe Anxiety and Depression

Your score suggests you're significantly affected by anxiety & depression—your anxiety & depression may be affecting your life & the lives of your loved ones on a regular basis. You probably anticipate bad things happening in certain situations. You worry about being trapped or about losing control. When you're not in your "Comfort Zone," you feel like you can't breathe, your heart races, your mind races, & you feel like something bad will happen if you don't get away. You've probably tried medications, been to doctors or therapists, but you're still struggling with anxiety & depression. You're tired of the prescriptions & want an all-natural solution.

The Attacking Anxiety & Depression Program will teach you teach to recognize the thoughts, behaviors & reactions that create your pain. It will provide real insights, coping skills, & behavioral techniques to improve your ability to control your emotions & physical symptoms. You don't need to continue to suffer from obsessive fear, fear of death, losing control & embarrassing yourself, or even “going insane.” It's time to stop all of the analyzing & start living again.

SCORE 81–100

Extreme Severe Anxiety and Depression

You scored very high on our Self-Test—this suggests you're probably very anxious & dissatisfied with yourself & others much of the time. For the sake of your emotional health, your long-term physical health, your friends, your family, & everyone you care about, we strongly suggest you take action. You can get help, & you can learn how to see life in a different way. You likely have problems with anger & may even struggle with explosive outbursts. Your mind races with a thousand reasons why you should worry. Physically, you often experience intense anxiety, shallow breathing, an upset stomach, headaches, muscle tension, & even rapid heartbeat. The truth is you are feeling the symptoms of severe anxiety & depression. It's pure emotional pain & can be just as devastating as physical pain. But you can turn your life around, beginning today. To start your path to recovery, you need to change the way you think & act so you can eliminate your stress & anxiety. The Attacking Anxiety & Depression program will teach you how to think & behave a calm, measured, & healthy way. We aren't born with a set of coping skills or life-management techniques—we must learn them.

The Attacking Anxiety & Depression Program will provide you with a complete understanding of anxiety & depression, its root causes, personality traits, & physical symptoms. The program is a comprehensive roadmap filled with proven strategies, techniques, & methods to carry you through on an incredible journey of self-discovery towards complete freedom from anxiety & depression.