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You Can Change Everything You Want to Change

2018 is here, and while the glow of the New Year fades and we float back into our everyday habits, we just wanted to remind you: you can change everything you want to change. You really can!

It's so amazing to be able to take your life back and make it yours again. Learn to find happiness and relaxation in both the big and the little things in life. It may not sound possible but it is. Just read Jennifer's story, and see if you have anything in common with her.

"Wow! This program works and worked miracles in my life.

I completed the program in 2007. I was depressed; I was convinced I was 100% biologically destined to be depressed. My parents both had depressive tendencies and I remember having suicidal thoughts since junior high (even elementary school!). I was struggling in my marriage, I was struggling as a parent and I thought I was alone and crazy. I was having panic attacks when "parenting" my children. I was so certain I could skip all the chapters that dealt with panic attacks because I knew nothing of them and as far as I was concerned, I was biologically depressed, and that was all.

I heard the commercial one day while I was home alone. I didn't have a job, I didn't have any money but I decided to take a leap of faith and give it a try.

I didn't cheat the program, I practiced it all religiously. I was listening to my relaxation CD 3 times a day and I was getting better.

I was 24 at the time, struggling in my marriage, had two children I couldn't raise successfully, unemployed and extremely depressed. I couldn't even go shopping alone (I feared people would see me and they'd see a total failure!).

This program saved my life! This program helped me to save my marriage and my husband. I'm not a perfect parent but I'm confident and joyous in my role as mother, and we have since become Christians. I began attending college shortly after and finally completed one college course and then ten! And I continue at it. I've been employed fulltime for two years now!

I could barely function then but now I'm finally living. I appreciate and understand the importance of setting a good spiritual foundation for myself and family, I promised God that if this program worked, I'd devote the rest of my life to helping people to overcome their depression and start living. I've recently begun a blog on the topic of wellness and if there is anything I can do to aid the work that the does, I am more than willing to be of service.

Thank You."

Jennifer, thank YOU! For your honesty, your forthrightness, and your willingness to help us help others, thank you! You are truly an inspiration to us all, and you help make what we do that much more satisfying.'s Attacking Anxiety & Depression program was developed by Lucinda Bassett, and Dr. Philip Fisher, MD, who leveraged the skills, methods and techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Modification as the core of the self-treatment process. Since 1983, the program has helped over 1.4 million people to recover from acute stress, anxiety, panic disorder, obsessive worry, and depression.


  • Just starting my Attacking Anxiety Package today 22nd oFebruary2018. I bought the package years ago ,about 2012 or13 and thought this is too much work as well as everything else I do and put it away. I think this is God showing me another way to help myself, as he knows me and my Anxiety and depression well, and knows I need the help he and these CDs can give me. I thank God and The Stress Center for going on this wonderful journey with me.

    Kathie Case
  • If this is the same program that Lucinda Bassett and Dr. Fisher created in the 1980’s, then all I can say is: " This program is the best thing I could have done for myself. I ordered it from TV about 15 years ago. It is a comprehensive CD, DVD and workbook kit. Such good information!"


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