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You are what you think...

Negative thinking and negative self talk are bad habits and lie at the very core of your anxiety.  Negative thinking makes you feel bad, sad, angry, helpless, ugly, guilty, overwhelmed, depressed, and insecure.  It leaves you tired and discouraged. Your negative thoughts are a direct cause for lack of inspiration, chronic lethargy, and depression.  It will make you feel like you are too drained to even go on trying. 

Compassionate self-talk is any kind of message or dialogue with yourself or someone else that makes you feel good, strong, happy, confident, relaxed, capable, loving, energetic, peaceful, or motivated.  The technique can give you energy when you think you have none, a natural high, and the strength to achieve great things. Positive self-talk can make you feel like running that mile, taking that trip, writing that story, or trying that new activity you’ve been putting off.

Compassionate self-talk is like any other skill: it must be learned.  You have to understand what the skill is, learn the technique, and then practice, practice, practice, until it becomes second nature to you.

When you master the art of compassionate self-talk, the rewards will be beyond anything you can imagine; it will literally change your life.  It will allow you to control your attitude and you’ll find a new sense of confidence that will be yours to keep, forever.

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