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The Stresscenter App - Why our App is Different


Quite literally there is an app for almost anything these days, and ways of coping with stress, anxiety, and depression is no exception. But with mental health apps gaining more popularity than ever before, and with a growing library of apps to choose from, how do you know which app will give you the REAL, long-lasting results you are searching for?


When taking a closer look into these trendy mental health and wellness apps, you may notice a common thread; many of them offer to help with only one or two generic issues, like trouble sleeping, how to calm down, ways to boost your mood, and so on. Techniques often include listening to soothing music and sounds, breathing techniques, meditation, etc. While there is nothing wrong with these techniques, they are intended to make you feel better in the moment, providing temporary relief without addressing any underlying causes or issues. Unfortunately, these trendy apps only offer a surface level quick fix, keeping you reliant upon their app without any long-term benefits.


The Stresscenter App is not a library of soothing music and images, but rather a fully flushed out program with proven results. The app features our complete 15 week Attacking Anxiety and Depression program. This includes an in-depth workbook with exercises, workbook sessions along with companion audio sessions, personal journal to record how you are feeling, reminders from the program, meditation feature, and access to the peer forum. Each feature has been specifically designed to work in harmony, allowing you to reap the maximum benefits possible.

The Stresscenter App not only teaches you how to cope quickly in the moment, but also provides you with techniques you can use for a lifetime. The app will guide you through the process, step by step, helping you to build the tools to identify and overcome your own personal struggles so that you can begin taking back control of your life. That is the Stresscenter difference.


Because of the well-known proven results of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), many apps have jumped on the bandwagon of using this buzzword as their main selling feature.

But did you know that our program was one of the pioneers of this self-empowering therapy? Stresscenter’s Attacking Anxiety and Depression program was developed by Lucinda Bassett and her therapist Dr. Philip Fisher, MD, who leveraged the skills, methods and techniques of CBT as the core of the self-treatment process. Since 1983, the program has helped over 1.4 million people to recover from acute stress, anxiety, panic disorder, obsessive worry, and depression.


Would you like to join the over 1.4 million people have already benefited from this program? Our Stresscenter app is currently available on both iOS and Android. The new, reskinned version is now available on iOS, with the Android version coming soon.

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