The program that has helped over 1.4 million people now in an APP. Search Stresscenter on both iOS and Android.

The Stresscenter App Peer Forums

Our Attacking Anxiety and Depression Program has been adapted to modern life with the new Stresscenter App. This app provides the complete program in a paperless form, along with new features including access to peer forums. Here you can also browse and read postings from past and present Attacking Anxiety and Depression program users (you must be registered in order to fully participate in the General Public Forum).

Your Peer Support Group Forum is a collection of individuals who are starting this program now like you are. It is a safe, friendly environment where you can talk openly about your experiences and challenges; a forum of understanding, mutual support, and acceptance. Actively participating in your Peer Group will empower you to be your best and move forward with strength and confidence. It will accelerate your growth as you progress through the program.

Having a caring, sympathetic network of friends around you can make a world of difference, particularly when this network is striving toward a common goal. So please, don’t go at it alone. If you need help getting started call our program specialist at some number for reassurance and guidance.

Get the app on iOS Today, Android Coming Soon!

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