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Sleep Attitude

Take a look at your sleep attitude. This is closely tied to your inner dialog. Have you ever asked yourself how you feel about not sleeping? Most people look at the symptom (insomnia) and miss the underlying cause (attitude). Provided you do not have a physical reason for your insomnia, it may help to take a look at your mind-set regarding sleep.

Self - hate

Do you find you like yourself when you sleep well and hate yourself when you sleep poorly? Do you blame yourself for your insomnia? Listen to your dialog. Do you say, "Why am I up again tonight? When am I going to learn how to get to bed on time? There must be something wrong with me because I cannot sleep." Practice feeling good about yourself whether you sleep well or not.


Are any of these fears or lies keeping you awake?

I haven't worked hard enough today to deserve a good night's sleep
Not sleeping is a sign of how much I care
I must stay alert so nothing bad happens
If I make myself tired enough, I will eventually go to sleep

There is a time to eat, a time to work, a time to party and a time to sleep! Don't miss your opportunity; you may not be able to make it up. Maybe you can't sleep, but you can retrain your state of mind each night for quiet thoughts. Get in the habit of going through the motions. Eventually your mind and body will get the idea.


Are you thankful for the small amount of sleep you did get? Or are you focused on how well you could have slept or how well you have slept in the past? Good sleep is created anew each night on a bed of peaceful thoughts. If you stuff your mattress with discontent, you are creating the wrong atmosphere. Be honest about how much sleep you get. Keep a journal. Don't build on the lie that, "I didn't get one wink of sleep last night!" when actually you did get a few good winks. Exaggerating will not get you the results you want.

Secondary Gains

What are you getting from not sleeping? Could it be that you cannot take on more responsibility at work or home if you are too tired? Does it keep you from success? Does it keep you in a funk so you don't have to make any big (or small) decisions until you are "better rested?" What purpose is your sleeplessness serving?

Spiritual Health

Train your mind to let go of the events of the day to a higher power. Pray. Meditate. Listen to relaxing words or music. Sing yourself a lullaby. This is your time to renew yourself for another day. Let go and Let God!


Associate your sleep time with something pleasant and desirable. If you have had time to develop unpleasant memories of sleepless nights, you will now want to reinstate the joy of sleeping. Remember how good it feels to stretch out and unwind. Put a mint on the pillow. Think of the best night you ever had sleeping. Put a thought in your mind that when you see your place of rest you will automatically be overjoyed to be there. Laugh out loud. Be silly. Tuck you inner child into bed with a big hug. Look forward to the adventure in dreams. Even frightening dreams can be venturesome. Be bold. Dare to Dream!

Certainly there is more to a first-rate SLEEP ATTITUDE than I have room here to write. Keep investigating your outlook on sleep. Sleep is natural. Sleep is healthy. Sleep is essential. You deserve a good night's rest. Dream on!

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