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Little Lucy Big Race - An Inspirational Story of Overcoming Obstacles, Big or Small!

Matt Roloff's timeless story about overcoming adversity will inspire both young and old.

We have added something special to Stresscenter! And this one is for the kids!

"Teeny, Tiny, Meeny, Miny. Lucy was the smallest dog, the underdog of the litter. She'd sit sadly on the sidelines and wish she were a bit bigger".

Little Lucy Big Race teaches kids they can overcome any hurdle no matter what obstacles stand in their way. This timeless story teaches invaluable lessons that will stick with them for years to come.

Written by Matt Roloff, the star of TLC's hit reality show "Little People, Big World," Little Lucy, Big Race shares that we all have potential and are special in our own little way.

In 2016, Roloff underwent major spinal surgery. During his recovery in the hospital, he was inspired to write a children's book about hope and overcoming adversity. With time on his hands and after a great deal of personal reflection, Roloff was reminded of his childhood spent in hospitals and how important faith, encouragement, positivity, and hope were to him at that time. He was further inspired by the exciting news that he would soon become a grandfather. Roloff's little dog, Lucy, was the perfect character to bring his story to life.

Little Lucy, Big Race
 is based on Lucy, Matt's energetic, fun-loving dog who was adopted and born the smallest of her litter. True to the story, Lucy started off shy and has since come out of her shell loving the freedom of wide open spaces. Despite her small size, little Lucy continues to be the fastest critter on the farm. Her story will inspire readers of all ages!

For more than a decade, Matt and his family have entertained millions of fans all over the world through "Little People, Big World." His inspiring and motivating spirit are evident on every page of this heartfelt book.

Little Lucy Big Race is now available on our Stresscenter website! 

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