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A lot has changed with technology over the last 30 years. From cassette tapes to CDs, and DVDs to MP3s. Stresscenter has adapted with the times and updated their program to remain accessible for all. That is why we recently introduced the new Stresscenter app. We are committed to providing the tools you need to continue combating anxiety and depression.

Although Stresscenter has grown throughout the years, our foundation has remained the same: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Many new treatments are utilizing CBT because of it's proven results and continued relevance in today's world. Stresscenter, however has been using CBT for over 30 years to help millions of their users realize the strength of their own mind.

The reason CBT is so effective is because it helps individuals challenge established thought patterns and replace negative patterns such as chronic worry or irrational fear with more realistic and positive ones. By challenging existing thought patterns, individuals can systematically replace poor habits with good ones, thereby significantly decreasing self-defeating behavior and emotional distress.

We feel a whole new generation could benefit from CBT by using our Attacking Anxiety and Depression App. The tools and techniques learned throughout this program provide you with the skill set to manage your physical, mental and emotional well being. Referring to the program time and again will only further reinforce and remind you of these important lessons.

If you have used the Attacking Anxiety and Depression Program and it's working for you, please consider sharing your experience with others. What better gift to give your friends and family than the tools they need to maintain their mental wellness and piece of mind?

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