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Anger – Think Before You React


Anger is a tough one. Those of us who are anxiety-prone are afraid that if we admit to our anger, nobody will like us. But a great deal of anxiety results from built-up hostility. When we are too afraid to say something that we need to say, we’re setting ourselves up for problems.

At the same time, highly sensitive people like us tend to be easily irritated. We tend to overreact to the various frustrations and disappointments that are a normal part of life.

If you find yourself getting angry standing in line at the post office or waiting in a traffic jam, don’t do it to yourself. It’s a waste of time. Life is too short. The over-reactive personality type has been linked to heart disease, strokes, and various other illnesses and complications. Don’t be an over-reactor.

When you’re angry, try to consider what you REALLY want to happen as a result of expressing your feelings. Do you want someone else to understand that you’re hurt and you need to discuss an issue? Do you want to resolve a problem or do you just want to make someone else feel bad too? If so why? Isn’t that nonproductive?

We also tend to get angry over situations in which we have no control. You can’t make the checkout line move any faster, so it’s stupid and pointless to get angry about having to wait in line. Think about it, wouldn’t it be better to redirect your energy (i.e. practice healthy self-talk) instead of spending your time stewing in your own juices?

You are entitled to your anger; anger is not ‘bad.’ But it’s time to discover how to use it in a productive, healthy way. As you practice this session and evolve over the next few weeks, I think you will begin to see that there are really very few things worth the price you pay when you choose to be angry. And remember – you choose!

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