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In recent clinical studies doctors, scientists, and therapists are proving that in many cases, changing the way we think can be even more effective and long lasting than medication when treating depression and anxiety.

This is exactly what we have been helping people to do for years with the Attacking Anxiety and Depression program. It is suggested by recent studies that when a person uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy to treat his or her problems with anxiety or depression, it focuses on the sufferer's ability to manage symptoms and understand the cause, thereby reducing the likelihood of relapse. When a person takes medication to treat these disorders, he or she might relapse once the medication is discontinued.

How this process works in the brain is quite intriguing. It is believed that most people who suffer with anxiety also suffer with depression, at least 70%. In fact, it is believed that obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and social phobias are particularly associated with depression. In many cases, anxiety and depression are really two faces of one disorder causing varying symptoms. The good news is that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which simply put, means learning how to think and react differently, works very well for both. This approach to recovery seems to target the upper brain region involving emotion, memory, and attention. In brain scans from people who receive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy there is a distinct change in brain function, and interestingly, it appears to be just the opposite of the change created by medications.

Experts are finding that when people who suffer with anxiety and depression choose Cognitive Behavior Therapy as their method of treatment, they feel responsible for their own recovery and that provides a sense of empowerment that is very positive. It also appears to have more of a permanent effect on the sufferer's ability to manage the problem because he or she has skill and insight along with the sense of personal empowerment.

This confirms why this program that has been around for so long, helping so works. It also confirms that for many people this method of recovery is not only healthier, but more effective and more long lasting then medication.

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Do not alter your medication regimen without first consulting your physician.

Contact your healthcare provider immediately if you exhibit any symptoms that may threaten your health, including thoughts about suicide or dying, panic attacks, difficulty sleeping (insomnia), acting on dangerous impulses, or other unusual changes in behavior or mood.

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