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7 Quick Ways to Calm Down Fast

The next time you are feeling stressed, remember these helpful tips to reduce your anxiety fast:

1. Walk Away

Know your triggers. If a conversation or situation is overwhelming you, simply excuse yourself. If you're noise-sensitive and in a busy loud atmosphere while out and about with your children, tell them you need a time-out. (Bring along your husband or a friend so you can leave them safely, if need be.)

2. Close Your Eyes

Gently let the world disappear and go within to regain your equilibrium. The only time I recommend not using this technique is on the road (if you're driving).

3. Find Some Solitude

This can be challenging if you are at work, or at home with creative and energetic kids. But we all need some private time to let the nervous system regenerate. Be creative. Find your space. Any way you can.

4. Go Outside

This is a true lifesaver for me. I need to be outside for at least an hour every day to get my sanity fix. Even if I'm not walking or running or biking or swimming, being outside calms me in a way that hardly anything else can. With an hour of nature, I go from being an uptight person into a relaxed person.

5. Find Some Water

"Water helps in many ways," writes Elaine Aron. "When over aroused, keep drinking it--a big glass of it once an hour. Walk beside some water, look at it, listen to it. Get into some if you can, for a bath or a swim. Hot tubs and hot springs are popular for good reasons."

6. Breathe Deeply

Breathing is the foundation of sanity, because it is the way we provide our brain and every other vital organ in our body with the oxygen needed for us to survive. Breathing also eliminates toxins from our systems.

The "Four Square" method of breathing to reduce anxiety:

1. Breathe in slowly to a count of four.
2. Hold the breath for a count of four.
3. Exhale slowly through pursed lips to a count of four.
4. Rest for a count of four (without taking any breaths).
5. Take two normal breaths.
6. Start over again with number one.
7. Listen to Music

7. Across the ages, music has been used to soothe and relax. The gorgeous song--like all good music--could stroke that tender place within you that words can't get to.

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