The challenge

You’re a smart, creative, talented person. An analytical thinker with a keen ability to stay focused on the task at hand. You’re a perfectionist with a fine eye toward detail. You’re very sensitive to the needs of others; that shoulder other people lean on when they are injured or in trouble. You’re a good person with a kind heart. But you’re hurting inside and don’t know why.

Ever since you can remember, you’ve always felt you were somehow different from other people.

  • Inner nervousness is a constant companion.
  • You worry constantly – about your health, sanity, the future, about what other people think of you.
  • You know the pain you feel is somehow connected to your worry – but you’re not sure how to stop the racing thoughts or change your focus.
  • You experience physical symptoms that no physical cause. Symptoms such as a racing, seemingly irregular heartbeat, feelings of ‘unreality’, dizziness, strange aches, pains and numbness.

To manage these frightening symptoms you avoid normal, everyday activities that seem to trigger these feelings. Activities such as driving, flying. Socializing amongst a crowd of people, taking on responsibility and in some cases even leaving your home.

No one understands what you are going through – not your doctor, not your family or friends. You’re unhappy, with yourself and your life.

We can help. Our program is designed to allow you to free yourself of worry, end fear, and take your life back.